Saturday, January 29, 2011

Get Well Miss Kate

OK.  Enough already.  Can you start getting better please?  Here are lots of positive thoughts and prayers just for you.  And flowers too IMG_1435

This pic is from the My Life My Loves blog featuring the bouquets of Ascha Jolie.  Aren't they the most gorgeous flowers?  Do they make you feel slightly better? 

Mitten 1 is dying to show you her new potty training skills.  When she does a number 2 (you know what I am talking about right?) she jumps up after just one pellet and does a little victory dance squealing with delight.  We all have to have a look at it.  Then she gets me to flush that one pellet and clean the pot and the whole process begins again.  It takes a very looooooong time to do a number 2 in this house let me tell you!  I am worried that whilst she is jumping about doing her victory dance she might pop out some more pellets on my new rug!!!!!!!!!  Anyhew she is very proud of herself and wants to show you.  So please get better soon so she can show you.  Love you lots sweetheart.  I am thinking of you.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

I am now officially a school mum!!!!!!!!!!

Today was Mitten 1's first day of school.  There were no tears - I repeat - no tears.  Look at those blindingly white runners will you!  I wonder how long they will stay clean?  Her backpack is as big as she is.  Prep is a whole new world...........Look at my baby.........
We had a lovely Australia Day yesterday.  I  got this bunting from woollies and it gave our house a real nautical fee.  I kind of like it actually.  Uncle N, Aunty R and the kids came over for a swim and a BBQ
(I know how original).  It was super yummy.  Mitten 2 thought so.
I made an amazing pavlova if I do say so myself.  Forgot to take a piccy sorry.  It is one of my most favourite desserts ever.

My geraniums are very happy to see the sun out again.  So are my vincas.

And the scarlet pimpernel.  It will also be even happier when somebody stops whipper snipping too close to it's roots.

I am trying to grow it up the fence.  Will show you when it is more established.  Some of my garden needs some help though and I feel I need to consult the expert - Tom - from 5 elements.  90% of my garden is in big planters and some of the plants have become a bit stressed from sudden bursts of excessive heat and of course all of that rain.  They need attention, and I need to learn what to do.  Does anyone have any clues as to what to do before I give Tom a call?

I did mention that we have tried to do a lot for the flood victims.  We have in our way which was good.  Our local primary school has a partnership with a primary school in Emerald and we all put together a wonderful collection of stationery for the children.  Apparently they lost everything in the floods.  My next door neighbour the gorgeous M took up a collection for an entire street in Kenmore which we donated heaps too.  At the office, my husband got a team together and joined up with the Brisbane City Council and helped get information to those affected by the floods for what their entitlements are.  And of course we have donated to the Premiers appeal.  I have felt guilty for not getting out there and shovelling dirt, but as it turns out, there are many other ways to help.

On a fun note check out the monograms and manicures blog to the right of my post.  They are having a pink swap and it sounds like a lot of fun. 

Friday, January 21, 2011

I'm turning Maureen, I think I am turning Maureen, I really think so........

Actually I am turning into Maureen.  The other day I went to the podiatrist and I was wearing compression stockings and wearing comfortable shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Did I mention that I had orthodics on too?  I know it is quite disturbing.  I am terrified of getting those feet. Mine are already on their way........

gold coast metallic margotgold coast metallic evangeline

This morning I found these two handbags in the sale section of Kate Spade's website.  In case you don't know I have a Kate Spade obsession. (and that's putting it mildly!)

The first bag is called GOLD COAST MARGOT and the second one is GOLD COAST EVANGELINE.
Can you believe it?  How does she know?  Has she been there in the 80's?  She is so witty that Kate..............

Friday, January 14, 2011

Sunshine Feel Good

I have decided to stop watching the flood coverage on the tv.  It is too disheartening.  Instead it is better for me to get active and get out and help those in need.  So that is the plan today. I will let you know how I go.
I love wearing perfume.  I wear it all the time.  I love to put it on after a shower, before I go out, before bedtime.  I like to put it on when I feel like it really!  I got Estee Lauder's Beautiful for Christmas.  I have never had it before and I really love it.  It makes me feel.........beautiful!  Actually I have become a huge Lauder fan as I have got older.  So wear perfume and feel good.  Something else that makes me feel good is nailpolish.  I like to keep my nails short.  The colour I am wearing at the moment is a decidedly 'Maureen' colour - Nashi by Natio.  Here 'tis
Do you like it?  My other favourites at the moment are Japanese Rose Garden by Opi and Dulce de Leche by Opi too.  So today enjoy the sunshine, put on some perfume, paint your nails and feel good.  And you know what will really make you feel good?  Helping those in need...........

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Brisbane Flood January 2011

The past two days have been surreal.  The events unfolding around me continue to shock.  My thoughts and prayers are with all of those who need them most.  I have been focusing on sunshine - and thankfully we got some today.  I have been thinking of all of the songs with sunshine in them like 'here comes the sun' by the Beatles, anything by the Beach Boys (sun, sun, sun, sun who oo oo oo oo oo oo) and of course who can forget Katrina and the Waves 'walking on sunshine'.  I have banished all songs with rain in them like the Eurythmics 'here comes the rain again'  and don't forget the Doors 'riders on the storm'.  Kind of positive thinking in a way!  Seems to be working, as it didn't rain today for the first time in ages.  Today I helped out one of my dearest friends get her shop flood ready.  Hopefully the water will not reach her shop but it is better to be safe than sorry.  I think I have invited virtually everyone I can think of to stay at our place if need be.  We know people who have lost their homes, been evacuated, stranded and plenty more who are doing their bit to help.  Remember to stay safe.............

Monday, January 10, 2011

Beautify the House

I am on a mission to beautify our house in 2011.  Our home was built in 2009 and I have done a lot, but now it is time to get serious and do the fun stuff like finding the perfect piece of furniture.  What do you think of my Contessa two seater?
Soon it will be mine all mine.  It is coming up from Melbourne some time later this week.  I cannot wait.  It will go in my entry hall.  I also got these new outdoor chairs.
You might not be as excited as I am but let me tell you that they are nothing short of fabulous.  We used to have deck chairs.  Deck chairs and small children do not mix.  They have a tendency to swing back on them trying to balance on the back legs, but of course they topple over.  They manage to topple over on them too frequently for my liking.  And seeing as we and all of our friends seem to have small children, they had to go.  These babies don't  tip over.  And they are Sylvester proof (that's cat proof).  Look at my ficus.

It is slowly creeping it's way along the fence.  I will not be satisfied until I am seeing a wall of green.  Thank you to Uncle A and B for helping me with my shopping.  I had fun.  By the way here is mitten 2 in her Uncle A Christmas ensemble.  She likes to wear pretty dresses.
Got to get rid of that dummy though.  But one step at a time...........

It's raining, It's pouring, the old man is snoring!

Actually this rain is very concerning.  It dawned on me last week that all was not well.  It is distressing and a little bit scary.  I don't remember the flood of 1974 - of course I was too young to remember it.  Plus we lived on a big hill so we were very safe.  Luckily again I live up on high ground.  But I have never experienced anything like this before - the rain is relentless.  And heavy.  I don't remember the last time we had blue sky.  The pictures on the news - Toowoomba for example -  are disturbing.  The south east is getting an almighty drenching, and we are powerless to do anything about it.  Mother Nature likes to remind us every now and again who is boss.  Please keep safe, and do everything you can to help those less fortunate. We have friends who have lost crops, businesses and probably livestock too.  I've heard of a rain dance is there such a thing as a sun dance?  Pray for sunshine.