Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Make live exports a thing of the past

Anyone who knows me knows what a huge animal lover I am.  I am also a woman of action.  Please go to one of my favourite blogs www.fauxfuchsiastyle.blogspot.com.  Follow the links that FF has posted and help put an end to live exports.  Thank you for doing the right thing.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

All right I'll admit it.  I am a fan.  New York and Orange County too.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Do you remember a show from the 1970's called The Nanny & the Professor? I used to love watching that show.

The Nanny & the Professor

See that cute little girl?  Would you believe she is Paris Hilton's aunty????!!!!

Juliet Mills is the Nanny

Perhaps Kim Richards learnt her pose from Juliet all those years ago...............

Stunning Michelle Obama

Barack & Michelle Obama

When I caught a glimpse of Michelle Obama on the news last night I did a double take.  How gorgeous does she look?  Stunning!  Stunning!  Stunning!

The gown is by Ralph Lauren and the jewels are by Tom Binns.

Barack Obama, HRH Queen Elizabeth, Michelle Obama & Prince Phillip

Friday, May 20, 2011

Who else wore Philip Treacy to the Royal Wedding?

Earl Spencer's daughters - Lady Amelia, Lady Eliza and Lady Kitty Spencer

Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece

Princess Michael of Kent

Lady Frederick Windsor

The Duchess of Cornwall

Tara PT

Becks and Posh both wore Philip Treacy

Zara Phillips

Princess Eugenie

Apparently about 38 guests wore Philip Treacy creations to the Royal Wedding.  Only one looked like she had antlers...................

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mr Treacy you have a LOT to answer for................

The man is a millinery genius no doubt about it.

The late Isabella Blow wearing Philip Treacy

He doesn't design for the faint-hearted!

Philip Treacy muse Isabella Blow

I am quite a fan.  One day I must invest in one of his creations.........perhaps not the lobster.........

Dree Hemingway wearing the iconic Lobster hat by Philip Treacy

Perhaps something like this below...... Isn't this shade of blue mouthwatering?

Philip Treacy Autumn Winter 2010/11
The man himself.  Doesn't he seem like a happy chappy?
Philip Treacy with model

picture credits:  lllipgloss.com, jerzygirl45.wordpress.com, Vogue Italia, Sanfranciscosentinel.com

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Princess Beatrice best dressed if it weren't for.....

I wasn't going to weigh in on the outfit Princess Beatrice wore to the Royal Wedding - but I feel compelled to after what I have seen and heard!  My goodness people!  I want you all to put yourselves in her shoes (or hat) for a moment.

Princess Beatrice looked stunning in Rachel Gilbert

You choose an elegant nude coat dress and matching accessories to wear to your cousin's wedding.  The designer of choice - Valentino.  Perfect.  Now the dress code strictly states that a hat must be worn to the Abbey.  Who shall we choose......um.....let's see..........  Philip Treacy.  Yes.  Let's go with Philip Treacy. I believe he is doing many hats for other guests, so he should be a safe choice.

Valentino & Treacy - a winning combination right?  What could go wrong?

Princess Beatrice's hat by Philip Treacy

Warning bells started to go off for me when I saw Princess Beatrice arriving at the Abbey and she could not sit properly upright in the car. I started to wonder what was wrong........

Bea in the car on her way to the Abbey

Did you see the size of that car?  There was quite clearly plenty of head room!

Princess Eugenie & Princess Beatrice

I get the look Princess Beatrice was trying to achieve - elegant, understated, polished.  And she would have nailed it if it weren't for the hat.  So please don't criticize her so cruelly.  I believe the responsibility for how the hat looked rests solely on the shoulders (or should I say head) of Philip Treacy.  After all, she is 5th in line to the throne, it was his responsibility to make sure it suited her and was appropriate for the occasion.

the Philip Treacy hat everyone is talking about

Now in my humble opinion, I thought her outfit was elegant and it was a very polished look.  However the hat needed to be about 1/3 of the size.  I mean the hat itself is exquisite, but boy did it make headlines for all the wrong reasons. It did appear that she had antlers in some camera angles. 

Beatrice next time if in doubt - don't wear it!  Have a stylish trusted friend in your corner to help ensure your look is flawless.

Did you know that Princess Beatrice is putting the hat up for auction on EBay to raise money for UNICEF and Children in Crisis.  Go on, bid for it I know you are dying to.........

Now as for Philip Treacy............

Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Royal Wedding Jewels

The Cartier Halo Scroll Tiar 1936
I loved the Royal Wedding.  I sat glued to my tv wearing a tiara from start to finish.  Here are some of my favourite moments and details in the next few blogs.  I know it was just a little over a fortnight ago but I am still basking in Royal Wedding fever.

Let's start with the jewels.  You cannot have a Royal Wedding without a tiara can you?  This one was mouth wateringly beautiful.

This was Kate's something borrowed.  From the Queen no less.  It was created by the house of Cartier in 1936.

HRH Princess Margaret of the United Kingdom
Princess Margaret in the Cartier Halo/Scroll Tiara
The then Duke of York (who later became King George V1) commissioned it for the Duchess of York (the late Queen Mother).  The tiara was later given to Princess Elizabeth (our Queen) on her 18th birthday.

Princess Anne wearing the tiara too
 How groovy does Anne look?

Kate Middleton wears the Cartier Halo/Scroll Tiara
 The gorgeous Duchess of Cambridge!  I just love the jewels she wore! Stunning!  Stunning!  Stunning!  Her mum & dad had earrings custom made by Robinson Pelham to match the dazzling tiara.  Aren't they sensational?  What a lovely present.

Robinson Pelham custom made earrings to match Cartier Halo/Scroll Tiara
The acorns were inspired by the recently created Middleton Coat of Arms.

Middleton Family Coat of Arms
The three acorn motifs represent each one of Carole and Michael Middleton's children - Kate, Pippa and James.  I love the way the children have been included in this way..........

More Royalty to come...........stay tuned...............

  • Middleton Family Coat of Arms credit - Mr Thomas Woodcock (Garter King of Arms & Senior Herald in England) based at College of Arms, London
  • Cartier
  • Robinson Pelham

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hey Bill

 Have you ever met Bill?  He is a bronzed Aussie character that you will find on Noosa Beach.  Terrific bloke.

Mitten 1 with her generously sized rainbow sno cone
  And he makes the best sno cones in town.  Look at the size of this will you?!

another masterpiece
I love Noosa............ our holidays are just about over now...........we will be back...........

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

On the Beach

 Building sandcastles is serious business.

the mittens building their pool
We love to build sandcastles with the girls on the beach.  It is just so much fun.

We come down to the beach every morning for a couple of hours.  Chill out in the middle of the day.  Beach again in the afternoon.  Bliss.....

Mitten 2

with Daddy
Don't you just love the beach?   Sometimes I wish we could live here.........


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The mittens love their Daddy..........

Monday, May 2, 2011

Luxury Accommodation

Our hotel has fountains and water features eveywhere.

I find it all so soothing.

I like being on holidays here.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Holiday Hair Braids

That will be one firetruck and a champers please
 So we are at the Noosa surf club.  The Daddies are watching some boring old football............The Mummies however are having a well deserved champagne - or rather a sparkling white I should say.  Pink lemonade all round for the kids - all seven of them!!!!!!!!!!

fine dining - wedges and chippies
 Thank goodness for food which everyone likes - even the fussiest little tummies.

those braids
 What is it with holiday destinations and little girls having to get these braids?????  Why the obsession? Why do we mothers let them have them?

they're everywhere those braids
 The braid lady was absolutely lovely.  The girls treat her like some kind of rock star or heroine or something..........  They just love her and want their braids. 

the choice!
  $25 per braid!  The girls got one each!  I repeat ONE each!

personalized bracelets too
 And no they didn't get the bracelets.  But I have to say they were very nicely done.  The girls are all very happy now - thank you braid lady!