Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sambag is cool for Summer......

Glamorous look from Sambag featuring the Maz ombre blue pleated one piece swimsuit

Next week I am going on holidays to Fiji and I want to look something like this when I am poolside.  This season I am well and truly a fan of the one piece.  This may or may not have something to do with my six pack or lack of.........

Sambag Peta Taupe Crocodile Leather Satchel

Ok maybe not the handbag poolside, but it will certainly work with my resort wear!
Heidi tan woven leather sandals by Sambag

I am just loving these sandals so much.  They come in a tonne of colours too.  Seriously I might need a few pairs.  So might you!
Sambag pink sunnies

I am not convinced these are the same sunglasses from the picture above are you?  The ones above are a perfect colour for us blondes out there, these look a little purple don't you think?

Anyhow Sambag are one of my all time favourite Australian brands.  Check them out on  Enjoy x cocolini

Sunday, October 9, 2011

My little Cowgirl!

My daughter - yee ha!
Not too long ago Mitten 1 attended a wonderful pony birthday party.  She sure loves horses..........

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Three of a Kind? Musti, Miffy and Hello Kitty.

I always wondered if Hello Kitty and Miffy were related.  What do you think?

File:Musti (character).png
Musti created by Ray Goossens 1945 Flemish
But then what about Musti?  I hadn't even heard of Musti before!

Miffy created by Dick Bruna 1955 Belgium

Perhaps they are all cousins..........

File:Hello kitty character portrait.png
Hello Kitty created by Yuko Shimizu 1974 Japan
Clearly Musti is the original.  All are a clean design. 

Two are cats and one is a rabbit......

I like to think it is a charming coincidence.   More for us all to enjoy... 

I know my girls love Miffy and Hello Kitty - I guess it is about time I introduce them to Musti?

Friday, September 30, 2011

Rob Lowe

Book cover

Just received my copy of Rob Lowe's autobiography.  Cannot wait to read it.  Quite seriously, I think he is one of the most good looking people I have ever laid eyes on in my life.  And he get's better with age for heaven's sake!  But there is much more to him than meets the eye.  Have you read it yet?  Who were your favourite brat packers from the '80's?

Monday, September 19, 2011

Spooky Witch Party

Amaaazing witchy cakes by Caro
We had a Spooky Witch Party for my daughter's 6th birthday.  Wisteria the Witch came.  It was sooooooo much fun.

Wisteria the Witch
Caro made these gorgeous little cupcakes for the girls.  Her attention to detail is beyond brilliant.  If you need good cakes people - this is your gal.

Witchy cupcakes detail
My little 6 year old witch
 Wisteria is a brilliant face painter.  She did 30 kids faces and they all looked sensational. 

Witch's Brew
A witch party cannot be complete without witch's brew now can it?  For thirsty little witches....


I kept the decorations to a minimum.  Just orange flowers and black cat balloons.

black cat balloon
And my masterpiece...........

Witch cake and cauldron
I have never made one of these before!  It was fun to do.  And boy was it yummy!!  Enjoy xx

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

This always makes me laugh

I received this as an email attachment a while back and I just love it! The person who made this is beyond brilliant!   Enjoy! x cocolini

Monday, August 8, 2011

Hello Kitty best finds ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Kitty!

We all know who she is right?  Well my daughter and I have found some quite unusual uses for the Hello Kitty image.  Get a load of these:

Hello Kitty beer

Who knew?

Hello Kitty toaster

Start your day with an image of Hello Kitty on your toast!  This my girls would love.

Hello Kitty tongue ring


Hello Kitty fingernails

But of course.................

Hello Kitty bridal gown

For those die hard fans - if this is what the bride wears can you imagine the bridesmaids!!!!

Hello Kitty themed hospital

Yep that's right folks.  Apparently it is in Taiwan.

Hello Kitty car

I could imagine Paris Hilton in this car!

Hello Kitty exhaust pipe

This is by far my favourite!  Who thinks of these things people??!!

Hello Kitty sewing machine

So you can whip up outfits for your Hello Kitty dolls?

Hello Kitty house

Here you can literally live the Hello Kitty dream.......

Hello Kitty toilet accessories

Where is the toilet doll??

Hello Kitty Fire Extinguisher
Hello Kitty fire extinguishers

This one takes the cake.  I mean  - really.  Who would've thought?

Hello Kitty floral bouquet

There is a site which does a how to for this.........very clever don't you think?

Hello Kitty fine jewellery

Some of this jewellery is actually quite fabulous.  Some is very expensive too.  Kimora Lee Simmons does some great pieces.

Eye opening isn't it?  I must admit having two little girls has renewed my interst in Hello Kitty.  Should I get the muffler?????????????

For more on Hello Kitty go to - the Home of Hello Kitty!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

It's been a long time between drinks

baby switch in toffee by Louenhide
Life can just get busy, busy, busy.  Where does the time go?  Right now I am holed up in bed with bronchitis and some sinus thing.  The doc has ordered plenty of bed rest.  Crazy that you have to get sick to slow down and realise that perhaps you should slow down more often.  So of course while lying in bed reading magazines, as you do, I have come across this gorgeous looking tan bag from louenhide.  You like?  I think it will  make a fabulous addition to my upcoming summer wardrobe.  I already have one of their bags "the poppet plait" and it is one of my most favourite ever bags.

Poppet Plait Black by Louenhide
It is very bottega venetta without the hefty price tag.  It is the only black handbag I own believe it or not.  That is if you don't count evening bags.  I think I might become a little bit obsessed with Louenhide and it is fantastic that they are from Brisbane.
Do check them out.  Hope you are all well out there in blogland!  Have missed you all.  xx cocolini

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Gorgeous Nail Polish for Winter

Koala Berry by OPI

At this time of year I find some of my nail colours are too summery for my winter looks.  I am more in the mood for rich berry colours, pinky redsjewel colours.  I adore OPI's Koala Berry and it seems to be the perfect shade for this time of year.  However I am on the lookout for something new.  Any suggestions?  I need something new and gorgeous...........Am dying to hear what you come up with...........

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Make live exports a thing of the past

Anyone who knows me knows what a huge animal lover I am.  I am also a woman of action.  Please go to one of my favourite blogs  Follow the links that FF has posted and help put an end to live exports.  Thank you for doing the right thing.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

All right I'll admit it.  I am a fan.  New York and Orange County too.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Do you remember a show from the 1970's called The Nanny & the Professor? I used to love watching that show.

The Nanny & the Professor

See that cute little girl?  Would you believe she is Paris Hilton's aunty????!!!!

Juliet Mills is the Nanny

Perhaps Kim Richards learnt her pose from Juliet all those years ago...............

Stunning Michelle Obama

Barack & Michelle Obama

When I caught a glimpse of Michelle Obama on the news last night I did a double take.  How gorgeous does she look?  Stunning!  Stunning!  Stunning!

The gown is by Ralph Lauren and the jewels are by Tom Binns.

Barack Obama, HRH Queen Elizabeth, Michelle Obama & Prince Phillip

Friday, May 20, 2011

Who else wore Philip Treacy to the Royal Wedding?

Earl Spencer's daughters - Lady Amelia, Lady Eliza and Lady Kitty Spencer

Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece

Princess Michael of Kent

Lady Frederick Windsor

The Duchess of Cornwall

Tara PT

Becks and Posh both wore Philip Treacy

Zara Phillips

Princess Eugenie

Apparently about 38 guests wore Philip Treacy creations to the Royal Wedding.  Only one looked like she had antlers...................

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mr Treacy you have a LOT to answer for................

The man is a millinery genius no doubt about it.

The late Isabella Blow wearing Philip Treacy

He doesn't design for the faint-hearted!

Philip Treacy muse Isabella Blow

I am quite a fan.  One day I must invest in one of his creations.........perhaps not the lobster.........

Dree Hemingway wearing the iconic Lobster hat by Philip Treacy

Perhaps something like this below...... Isn't this shade of blue mouthwatering?

Philip Treacy Autumn Winter 2010/11
The man himself.  Doesn't he seem like a happy chappy?
Philip Treacy with model

picture credits:,, Vogue Italia,