Monday, August 8, 2011

Hello Kitty best finds ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Kitty!

We all know who she is right?  Well my daughter and I have found some quite unusual uses for the Hello Kitty image.  Get a load of these:

Hello Kitty beer

Who knew?

Hello Kitty toaster

Start your day with an image of Hello Kitty on your toast!  This my girls would love.

Hello Kitty tongue ring


Hello Kitty fingernails

But of course.................

Hello Kitty bridal gown

For those die hard fans - if this is what the bride wears can you imagine the bridesmaids!!!!

Hello Kitty themed hospital

Yep that's right folks.  Apparently it is in Taiwan.

Hello Kitty car

I could imagine Paris Hilton in this car!

Hello Kitty exhaust pipe

This is by far my favourite!  Who thinks of these things people??!!

Hello Kitty sewing machine

So you can whip up outfits for your Hello Kitty dolls?

Hello Kitty house

Here you can literally live the Hello Kitty dream.......

Hello Kitty toilet accessories

Where is the toilet doll??

Hello Kitty Fire Extinguisher
Hello Kitty fire extinguishers

This one takes the cake.  I mean  - really.  Who would've thought?

Hello Kitty floral bouquet

There is a site which does a how to for this.........very clever don't you think?

Hello Kitty fine jewellery

Some of this jewellery is actually quite fabulous.  Some is very expensive too.  Kimora Lee Simmons does some great pieces.

Eye opening isn't it?  I must admit having two little girls has renewed my interst in Hello Kitty.  Should I get the muffler?????????????

For more on Hello Kitty go to - the Home of Hello Kitty!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

It's been a long time between drinks

baby switch in toffee by Louenhide
Life can just get busy, busy, busy.  Where does the time go?  Right now I am holed up in bed with bronchitis and some sinus thing.  The doc has ordered plenty of bed rest.  Crazy that you have to get sick to slow down and realise that perhaps you should slow down more often.  So of course while lying in bed reading magazines, as you do, I have come across this gorgeous looking tan bag from louenhide.  You like?  I think it will  make a fabulous addition to my upcoming summer wardrobe.  I already have one of their bags "the poppet plait" and it is one of my most favourite ever bags.

Poppet Plait Black by Louenhide
It is very bottega venetta without the hefty price tag.  It is the only black handbag I own believe it or not.  That is if you don't count evening bags.  I think I might become a little bit obsessed with Louenhide and it is fantastic that they are from Brisbane.
Do check them out.  Hope you are all well out there in blogland!  Have missed you all.  xx cocolini