Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sass & Bide in Havana

All right I'll admit it, normally I don't like a lot of their clothes because they are just not me.  They tend to be for very fashion forward, skinny people who want to show a lot of skin.  This collection, however, was stunning, sophisticated, classic and not too weird at all surprisingly.  Here are my top pics:

sass & bide spring/summer 2013

sass & bide Spring/Summer 2013 had soft and floaty sensual touches teamed back with tailored masculine pieces.

sass & bide spring/summer 2013

It was essentially monochrome.

sass & bide spring/summer 2013

Apparently it was inspired by a recent trip to South America.  All you need is a cigar and a supper club.

sass & bide spring/summer 2013

 I love this jacket & pant look.

sass & bide spring/summer 2013

There were varying lengths in many of the looks which added to the sensuality of the collection.

sass & bide spring/summer 2013

Beautiful aren't they?  Could you see yourself in some of these pieces for an evening out?  Try to ignore the shoes though.........they weren't working for me at all x

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A Double Dose of Fabulous

Olivia Palermo & Bobbi Brown backstage at Rachel Roy

I had to share this shot of Bobbi Brown cosmetics,  Oliva Palermo represents the best of personal style and Bobbi represents the best of make up to me, and together they are a double dose of fabulous!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

J Crew hot pics Spring 2013

Getting a taste of J Crew's Spring Collection has whet my appetite for the months ahead here in Australia.  As you know I love colour, so this collection is a delight.  The J Crew Spring 2013 is punctuated with pops of sorbet colour and a preppy tone.  My favourite pieces from the collection are:

J Crew pink & white floral print skirt

 Fresh.  So clever they way they have mixed the prints.

J Crew apricot brocade cigarette pants

This 'darling' top is fun.

A model poses at the J.Crew Presentation during the Spring 2013 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at The Studio at Lincoln Center on September 11, 2012 in New York City.
J Crew black & white daisy top with green floral skirt

A classic black & white daisy top thrown into the mix will never go astray.

J Crew floral clutch

This sorbet collection is well styled with brilliant print clutches, bright heels and a pop of apricot lippy.

J Crew mint heels

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Friday, September 14, 2012

Dior Vernis 677 Rose Flamboyant

Painting my tootsies this afternoon
 For those of you who do not know it already - I LOVE NAILPOLISH!!  Today's discovery at David Jones Carindale has made me very happy.  For me this colour is the perfect pinky red.  Like a raspberry red.

You know that perfect colour when you do not want to wear pink, but are not in the mood for a classic red.  This is very fresh.  Perfect for cool blondes and those with cool colouring.

Loving this colour

Thank you Dior!
Rose Flamboyant

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hello Kitty Pasta

Our Hello Kitty Pasta dinner - delicious!
 Honestly who knew this even existed people??!!  A lovely girlfriend found it in a shop & of course thought of Emma & I and our upcoming party.  So the girls & I sat down and had it for dinner the night before the party on what we now refer to as "Hello Kitty Eve".  And can I say - it was delicious!  I would have it again- the pasta itself was nice, nicer than what we have been buying recently which came as a surprise to me.

Ready to go

Look at all those little pasta shapes in there.

Hello Kitty Pasta Shapes

What will they think of next?

close up of Hello Kitty Pasta Shapes

The different shapes were of a flower, Hello Kitty bow, strawberry or apple, Hello Kitty face & Hello Kitty herself.  Unbelievable.  Try it - you might like it (to quote Yo-Gabba-Gabba)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I need some Alannah Hill Fabulousness now!!!!!

Alannah Hill is one of my favourite Australian designers and one of my favourite designers ever!

Her clothes are feminine, romantic & whimsical.  She does a mean cardi and knows how to make a fabulous frock.  Her clothes make me feel good.  Her look head to toe is almost doll like in a Betty-Boop kind of way.  I like to take elements from her range and pair them back with basics and more urban finds like plain tees, tailored items & denim.

As spring has sprung here in Brizzy, I am in need of some Alannah fabulousness to add to my wardrobe.

On my wishlist are these gems.  I think I'll start shopping now x

The Wedding Tomb Cardi
Alannah Hill "The Wedding Tomb" cardi

Saving Face Bolero
Alannah Hill "Saving Face" bolero

Melancholy Love Belt
Alannah Hill "My Melancholy Love" belt

My Perfect Revenge Skirt
Alannah Hill "My Perfect Revenge" skirt

La Vie En Rose Skirt
Alannah Hill "La Vie En Rose" skirt
Hear My Thoughts! Bag
Alannah Hill "Hear My Thoughts" bag

I Mean Love Me Belt
Alannah Hill "I Mean Love Me" Belt

Give You My Heart Earring
Alannah Hill "Give you my Heart" earrings

Story Of A Girl Headband
Alannah Hill "Story of a Girl" headband

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Hello Kitty Birthday Party Ideas!

My little Mitten turned 4!  And of course to celebrate we had a Hello Kitty party.   Emma & I were inspired by Tori Spelling's party for her daughter Stella which we watched on  TV earlier in the year.  We also drew inspiration from this amazing pinterest page -  Thank you Marisa Blakley you are beyond brilliant x

Hello Kitty party invitation

This was the invitation that I did up.  I created a polka-dot pattern using the Hello Kitty bows in the background.  Then on the back it was just plain polka-dots which we folded over.

pin the bow on kitty

We played lots of party games, including pin the bow on kitty!

party games at the ready

gift bags
 These are our gift bags.  All had a thank you note included.  We hid them in the garden for the children to find them in a treasure hunt.  Inside each bag we had some Hello Kitty lipgloss, nailpolish, bracelet, tattoo & lollies.
Hello Kitty gift bag
Hello Kitty cake
 This cake was hard to make!  Do you know why?  Because it was so simple.  I am much better with lots of sprinkles & things.....  Anyhow I bought a giant slab from Woollies & then decorated it.  I used marzipan for the bow & nose which was tricky to do, black licquorice for the whiskers and black writing icing for the eyes & bow detail.  Doing the white icing was SO HARD!!!!!!!!!  After the fact I realized that I could have covered it with dessicated coconut to make it look gorgeous - so would recommend that to you if you are trying it at home.
hello kitty rings as toppers
This image is from the above pinterest page mentioned
Each kid got a Hello Kitty ring in a cupcake like the ones above.  I forgot to take of photo of mine, but trust me they were gorgeous.

cutting the cake
 Here we are cutting the cake.  It was enormous!  I couldn't get it out of the box as I did not have a platter big enough to put it on!
My girls Emma & Jessica (aka 'the mittens')
 My girls and all of their friends had a ball at the party!  Why my child is upside down I have no idea!
One very happy Birthday Girl
 Mummy loves you Miss Emma Louise - happy 4th birthday x