Friday, October 26, 2012

Sing-A-Long-A-Sound of Music

 Everybody loves the Sound of Music don't they?  If not what they hell is wrong with you??!!  I remember watching this movie every year when it came on tv when I was growing up.  I have such fond memories of certain scenes - dancing in the rotunda, the thunderstorm, hiding in the graveyard, know all of the songs off by heart.  I even learnt how to play Doe a Deer on the piano for heaven's sake!  So if you do like the movie like I do, get yourself along to one of these events.  Beyond brilliant fun!
How do you solve a problem like Maria?
 I knew something was up when we pulled into the carpark at QPAC and there were all of these people in costume.......  Various Von Trapps, Marias, brown paper packages tied up with strings......  I thought I was going to a musical but no - this is a screening of the movie karaoke style - full of die-hard fans in the audience. 

I sat next to this big burly bloke - bald, tattooed, pierced.........and yet here we were swaying our edelweiss together singing along to Christopher Plummer........We'd boo & hiss at the Baroness but whisper to each other about how fabulous her outfits were!

a will-o'-the-wisp
It is just so much fun!

Your invitation to..........
You get all of these wonderful props, and one of the nuns from the Abbey explains when to use them.

curtain fabric ready for your own Von Trapp costume

They have a website - where you can find out all about it.  They do other movies too - Grease, Rocky check it out.

And make sure you go when they come to your town x


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Spring has Sprung

Has Spring sprung in your garden yet?

It has in mine.

When their little faces look at me I know that Spring is here.

I love this time of year in the garden x

Friday, October 5, 2012

Old Hidden Vale

We all need a break every now and then.  Sometimes a weekend getaway is the perfect choice.

Inside our cottage
 For us recently it was a drive into the country with good friends for a trip to Spicers Old Hidden Vale.

Old Hidden Vale is an historic old cattle station in Grandchester, just west of Brisbane.  Perfect for hiking, mountain bike riding (if you are so inclined), horse riding or just doing nothing & relaxing.  I went for a hike but spent most of my time relaxing......

bougainvillea growing out of an old tree stump
 What a brilliant solution for prettying up an old tree stump.  I was so impressed by this idea & would like to try it one day.
massive & magnificent bougainvillea hedge
 This bougainvillea hedge was stunningly beautiful.  It must have been planted years & years ago, judging by the size of its branches.  I had no idea that you could grow it like this.

This is a great spot for a true Australian country experience.

Are your bags packed yet?

cheeky chook

I absolutely love this archway.......

 Sundrenched countryside.

I fell in love with this print of the old wash bucket & soaps.  Of course I cannot remember who the artist is.
umbrella holder
I want this umbrella holder!

Dining with friends Kath & Rick
How do you like to spend a weekend getaway?